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Teenagers and young people should share housework equally with their parents.

Many teenagers think that they do not have to do any housework, because it is parents job to take care of them. In my opinion, they are wrong. I agree that young people should share housework with parents, but not equally.

Equally means that everyone has the same amount of jobs to do, but not everyone can do everything. Adults usually thinks that teenager have plenty of time because when he returns from school and he does not need to do anything. They forgot that young people must do homework as well as housework. On the other hand, adults return form work later than teenagers from school. So, in fact both have equal time to do housework.

Another argument young people use to avoid housework’s is that adults do it better. They often find it hard to realize that adults also had to learn this somewhere, and practice makes perfect.

In my opinion, the best way to share housework is to do it together. Both adults and young people have mostly same amount of time do housework, but adults have experience while teenagers must practice.

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